Sometimes you think you are set for life, only a few years ago I thought I had it made. I was an eBay Powerseller in multiple niches and my sales were in excess of $50,000 a year. I worked only one hour a day on my eBay business, it was everything that I had dreamed of, life was so sweet. I was on easy street for life and it felt GREAT!

Then, very slowly I started to notice a small but significant change in the way eBay was operating. The products that I had successfully sold for years were no longer selling even though they were well known brands. In fact my listings in some niches were not even getting on the first page of the search results anymore. They were several pages deep. They were not getting seen and that meant NO sales… Easy street and my easy eBay income was starting to look like a distant memory.

You see eBay changed the rules so many times that they were squeezing out the little guys, making it almost impossible to compete with the big sellers, the ones that eBay had so carefully cultivating. eBay in trying to change its flea market image had squeezed the small trader out of these high profit markets to do it. I even noticed that a lot of the traders I had known had moved their business away from eBay and were now trading on Amazon or from their own websites.

I started to panic and then I made a BIG, BIG MISTAKE! I went against all the advice that I had given to others “work smarter not harder.” I was working harder not smarter. Did it make any difference? Not at all my sales were in free fall. After this the decline in my sales got worse, much worse. I was just a busy fool, I even thought of quitting...

So then I stopped and had a good hard think, If I could no longer compete on equal footing with the big players selling the big brands then perhaps I could grab myself some more of the low hanging fruit and source alternative products. The more I thought about it the more sense it made, concentrate on the niches with little competition and try and find some products to compete with the big brands. I started to research some alternative markets and niches where there were good sales volumes and low competition.

I noticed that there were literally thousands of products that did not have brand names (far more than I had realized) and that the sales volume of these products were excellent. I did some extensive research and identified several niches that seemed right for the plunder. So I took my own advice, I sourced some stock and started to market my own range of products into those niche areas and you know it started to work again just like the old days!

I added more products to my portfolio and gave them my own branding, I started to trade in more niches using the same approach. Same result, some products worked much better than others, but the important thing was that not only was I selling in volume again but the mark up on these products were outrageous!

You may ask how on earth I did it, really, it was much easier than it sounds. I trade in Non Branded and Private Label Products using multiple eBay accounts. I developed a business strategy that ensured that I had very little direct competition. The mark ups are excellent and the great thing is that these products are viable in almost every niche.

The best part of this business model is that there are literally thousands of these products available for you to market and profit from. And you can test these out on a shoestring budget some of the are even FREE...

There is no fear of product saturation as YOU OWN THE BRAND, you can test out these products very cheaply and you can build multiple profitable businesses on and off eBay using this approach.

I have spent 2 years refining this system of trading, testing new markets and building my own range of products and I have only scratched the surface of this lucrative market which is worth millions of dollars a year.

Imagine if you did not have to watch every dollar you spent, or were able to buy those things we want for ourselves and our family. What about exotic vacations? All of these cost money.

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In "Plugin Auction Profits", I blow the barn doors off this lucrative business by showing you exactly how you too can profit from EXACTLY the same blueprint that I have used to build my own businesses using NON Branded and Private Label Products.

In “Easy eBay” I will show you exactly how to make a start trading on eBay, from making your seed capital, to how to write a high converting listing description. All the information you need to make you a confident and competent eBay trader.

My over the shoulder training videos will show you exactly how to get setup on eBay, using effective listings and the MUST HAVE TOOLS that will help you run your business almost on autopilot. The best news of all, these are FREE.

In “Advanced eBay” I introduce you to the “Continual Sales System” (CSS) where the real money is made by continually selling the same products over and over again. These are the ones with ALMOST ZERO COMPETITION, easy to source and can be sold at a fraction of the price of big brand items and still make outrageous profits.

Use the quick start videos to getting you trading on eBay and sourcing your own Non Branded and Private Label Products in the shortest possible time.

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Plugin Auction Profits

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